Doug Housman,


Following the passing of his brother Russ, Doug  sought to turn a tragic event into something positive and beneficial in Russ' name.  He worked with family and friends of Russ to form Hearts for Russ in 2014.  Doug is excited about the direction and mission of the organization and the impact it is having on peoples lives.  


Pam Housman,

Event Coordinator

The wife of Russ Housman, Pam has done an amazing job in his absence and has raised two wonderful children, Carollynn and Cydney.  Pam  has been devoted to Hearts for Russ since the beginning and works to ensure that all of our charity events are shining examples of who we want to be as an organization.

John Redican,

Vice President

John was the best friend of Russ and they had grown up together in Garden City, NY.  John helped form Hearts for Russ and is an integral organizer of our charity events.  He also serves as board liaison to LI TRIO, attending and speaking at events and advocating for the causes important to the organization.


Beth Riley,


Beth Riley (nee Housman) is the elder sister of Russ and has been on the Hearts for Russ board of directors since 2017.  Her strong instincts for running a non-profit and direction in terms of the organizations that Hearts for Russ supports have been invaluable.  Beth also serves as board secretary of the organization.

Jim Housman, Treasurer

Jim Housman is the eldest of the Housman children and has been an essential part of Hearts for Russ since the founding in 2014.  Jim is also the Treasurer of Hearts for Russ and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the organization is well run and  judicious in our funding distributions to worthy non-profilts.  


Jeanne Shields,

Board Member

Jeanne Shields is the newest member of the Hearts for Russ board but her impact has already been felt.  Jeanne is the mother of Lauren Shields, a heart transplant recipient, advocate and our first Donor Recipient honoree in 2017.  Jeanne's wealth of experience and devotion in the organ donation space is critical to advancing our cause.