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Franklin Square family holds organ donation fundraiser

“I know many of you are totally sick of Zoom,” Hearts for Russ President Doug Housman said as the event began. But, he added, “Tonight is a celebration. It’s a celebration of Russ.”


Organ donation group presents awards

William and Ann Corbett were awarded the Donor Family Award for their own experiences in organ donating. After William, a former associate village justice for Floral Park and a vice president of the Nassau County Magistrates Association, began experiencing kidney failure in his late 70s, his wife, Ann, donated a kidney....

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New PSAs featuring transplant recipients to be viewed at the DMV

Alternate versions of each story were produced to be played at DMV offices where many New Yorkers make the decision to register as organ and tissue donors. Thank you to all involved in this project!

If you would like to feature Hearts for Russ in an article please email for any inquiries. 
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