Organizations that partner with Hearts for Russ provide support to the organ transplant community every day. We could not do our work without them so we are grateful for their commitment to improving the Organ Donor Registry and providing support to the organ, eye and tissue recipient community and the  donor families that make organ donation possible.
If your organization would like to apply for a grant or recommend  a deserving organization please kindly email with further details.

Hearts for Russ has created this award winning  short films in tandem with Michael Drucker, Delusions International with the plan for the addition of others.

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Student Organ Donation Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires and supports student-led organ donation education and registration efforts through high school and college chapters.


Historically Black Colleges and Universities Expansion

SODA, with its nationwide network of 31 student-led organ donation chapters, has an important role to play in helping to close this healthcare equity gap. While 12% of the population is Black, 29% of the organ transplant waiting list is Black. By providing scholarships to HBCU students who are passionate about organ and tissue donation advocacy, reviewing and updating SODA chapters to ensure cultural competency and humility and partnering with OPOs (Organ Procurement Organization) and other organizations to identify student leaders at HBCUs who can start SODA chapters, SODA plans to establish 10 HBCU chapters (historically black colleges and universities) to educate 1,680 Black students and register 280 students per year. Hearts for Russ' grant relieves the cost of the in-person and virtual costs of the new HBCU chapters. It takes $8.60 to educate a student on organ donation.  #DonateAndEducate


Chris Klug Foundation

The Chris Klug Foundation's mission is to inspire and educate young adults to increase registration for organ and tissue donation.
Through their programs Chris Klug Foundation reaches tens of thousands of young people each year, equipping them with facts about organ donation so they can make educated decisions. 
Chris Klug Foundation's vision is to eliminate the wait for transplantation.

Patient Ambassador Webinars

Chris Klug Foundation strives for inspirational recognition of transplants recipients who exemplify the idea that "transplantation is the mainstream medication that can and often does result in great quality of life for the recipients" In 2020, due to COVID 19 and the restrictions it brought upon the world, Chris Klug Foundation adapted to their Patient Ambassador Program where typically Ambassadors would visit transplant recipients with the intention of inspiring them to see the possibilities of their quality of life in the hospital after transplant  to virtual webinars. The webinar addresses topics such as pediatric transplant, living donation, National Kidney Month, impacts of COVID-19 on the transplant community and many more. Hearts for Russ felt this was an exciting opportunity to fund education while in the midst of a pandemic as in person education at the DMV, schools etc. are few and far between. 


Organ Donation Awareness Corporation's mission is to inspire New York's youth to register as organ donors by eliminating pervasive myths. The need for organ donation is greater now than ever before, and this need will only continue to grow.

High School Outreach Program

ODAC consists of diverse undergrad students at various schools. Each student brings a specific skill set and ODAC uses it to their advantage. ODAC believes that by being undergrad students they have a connection and respect with high school students, and they use this in their presentations to have an open discussion about signing up to be an organ donor. Hearts for Russ' grant allows ODAC the ability to gain better outreach on social media to reach young people and better present the information to the high school students.

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Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) is a non-profit all volunteer organization committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through education, support, advocacy, and organ donation and transplantation awareness.

School Speaking Program

 The Long Island TRIO volunteers speak at High Schools and Universities teaching students about transplantation while each recipient tells his or her personal story from the heart. At the same time, a conversation about organ donation and saving lives is conducted and the students provide comments and feedback at the end of each class.   LI TRIO also provides current information with respect to developments in organ and tissue donation, transplantation, medications, social issues, and finances to transplant candidates, recipients, donors, and their families. We inform medical students, healthcare professionals, transplant candidates, recipients and their families, donors and donor families about initiatives and protocols in the field of transplantation. To date, over 78,000 students have seen and heard special classes led by LI TRIO volunteers; 7200 students have been reached this year alone. (2017)

Since  we have began funding this program we have funded a film in which 3 transplant recipient survivors tell their stories.  This film has won quite a few awards including Grand Jury Award at American Filmatic Awards, Best Short Documentary at Big Apple Film Festival and New York Short Tuesdays and finally Official Selection at Albany Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY, Hell's Kitchen NYC Festival and Chain Film Winter Weekend and continues to win more. The film can be previewed below:

Donate Life
The mission of Donate Life New York State is to increase organ, eye, and tissue donation in New York State through collaborative advocacy, education, promotion, and research.  Our goal is to ensure a transplant for every New Yorker in need.

Increasing Organ Donation in NYS through Promotional and Educational Interventions at State DMV Field Offices

Through a range of collaborative outreach programs, Donate Life NYS raises public and professional awareness to the need for organ donation. One of Donate Life's most important programs and partnerships is with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This pilot program has a direct impact increasing enrollments in the NYS Donate Life Registry, thus positively affecting the number of organ, eye and tissue donations available for transplantation in New York. More than 80% of New York’s enrollments come through DMV transactions, making it the most vital Registry portal. Hearts for Russ agrees that greater education, awareness and visual content will address the low donor enrollment rates currently seen at DMV and will have a direct impact on the Donor Registry.  After state budget cuts Donate Life did not have the means to purchase and create the necessary tools.  Hearts for Russ' additional funding has allowed for the purchase of these tools that are integral to the success of this Program in 28 regional DMVs. The tools provide and display point-of decision visual materials (e.g. video content, posters, pins, lanyards, pens, T-shirts) that include information about the Registry, education of DMV staff about the donation process which also provides point-of-decision scripts for responding to anticipated customer queries. This strategic method of education in the past at the County Clerk offices has grown overall organ donor enrollment from single digits to about 40%.  Michael Drucker, director of short  film Gifts of Life, has been working in tandem with Hearts for Russ and Donate Life to create 30 second video clips to be used at the DMV. We believe this will increase organ donation awareness and more people will check "yes" and more lives will be saved through transplantation.

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Harboring Hearts

Harboring Hearts provides emergency housing, transportation, food and emotional support programming to heart  transplant, liver transplant and cardio-thoracic surgery patients and their caregivers.  It was started by Michelle Javian  in 2009 following the passing of her father from heart disease.  Michelle witnessed first-hand  the hardships faced by families coming to New York for medical procedures and treatment and did something about it.

Emergency Fund

This program is aimed to aleviate the financial burden of having a transplant. This fund provides emergency housing, transportation and food to patients and their families. In recognizing that having family close by aids in healing, this support is meant to be a safety net for families in this critical time of need. In 2018 this program has provided support to 171 families. These funds are delivered in close collaboration with social workers in the cardiac care units of the following New York City hospitals: NYP/Columbia University Medical Center, NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, Westchester Medical Center, NYU & North Shore University Hospital. For more information, contact

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Northwell Health

Over 68,000 employees strong, Northwell Health is New York's largest medical provider.  Northwell Health strives to improve the health of the communities it serves and is committed to providing the highest quality clinical care; educating the current and future generations of health care professionals; searching for new advances in medicine through the conduct of bio-medical research; promoting health education; and caring for the entire community regardless of the ability to pay.  

Organ Procurement Training Pilot Program

When a loved one passes on and is eligible to be an organ donor, the question of wether or not the family would like to donate their organs is most of the time, unsuccessful. WIth proper training and education provided with this program the hope is that the newly trained employees will improve the consent and donor conversion rate. This program will allow the employees to be trained and feel more comfortable of asking the difficult question and provide support throughout losing their loved one more effectively. 

Community Events:

Beautification of the Eisenhower Park Rose Garden in Honor of Organ Donors: LI TRIO

At the annual event, donors and donor families are honored. Individual roses are presented to all of our honorees. from the Rose Garden. Some Donor families speak and share their stories. Some of our younger transplant recipients not only speak eloquently at the event but also help distribute the roses to each donor family as the name of their loved one is called. Living donors are also called up to receive a rose as living donors are honored and personally thanked at the event. The beautification of the event allowed for a bigger garden, a plaque in honor of Russ Housman and bricks to be engraved for each recipients donor. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11.14.29
Met Game: LI TRIO

July 5th, 2019

Annually LI TRIO gathers donors and recipients in the transplant community to walk around the mets game field at Citi Field. This year there was a PSA video which can be seen here featuring Lauren Shields, creator of Laurens Law which requires you to check "yes" or "skip this question" when renewing your drivers license or obtaining a permit. 

In addition Hearts for Russ has created all of the following short films in tandem with Michael Drucker, Delusions International with the plan for the addition of others.